Hyne Anti-Age Créme 30ml

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A moisturizing face cream with bacterial hyaluronic acid that prevents aging of the skin. A day, night and eye cream that fits all skin types. The cream has the same molecular structure as our humans. For this reason, it is very rare to be allergic to the cream. Volume 30 ml


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Product description
HynE 24 Hour - facial créme/ Anti-age is an extremely moisturizing facial créme which fit all skin types. The créme contains hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid is not really an acid, but a sugar molecule which binds water 1000 times its own weight this makes it so the créme is extremely moisturizing.
When you add hyaluronic acid and moisture to your skin you slow down the ageing of the skin. This product is professionally clinic made.
The créme is Swedish made and does not include any silicones. It's easy to travel with since it comes in 30 ml cans. HynE anti-age is a 24-hour product 3-in-1 day night and eye créme  
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